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Connecticut's Path to 80x50 for the Heating/Cooling Sector

On my Resources page I have a link to the Yale Renewable Thermal Alliance webpage. in 2017 Yale's Center for Business and the Environment produced a series of reports assessing the potential of the renewable thermal technology sector in Connecticut. The report also estimated how CT could meet the GHG emission reduction goals in the residential and commercial heating and cooling sector. This report was used as a technical reference source in the 2017 Connecticut Comprehensive Energy Strategy (CES).

Yale's assessment showed that the pathway to 80% reduction by 2050 requires mass adoption of ground source heat pumps (geothermal) coupled with 70% renewable electricity mix (Senario 3b). The study says that if the heating/cooling sector is to reduce GHG emissions in line with the 80 by 50 goals that all oil and existing standard efficiency gas heating equipment would need to be replaced with geothermal.

Yale Center for Business and the Environment RTT Market Potential Report

For a link to the report go to the resouces page.

Unfortunately, the reports also said that geothermal was too expensive to install. Please prove them wrong. Aren't the effects of global warming too expensive to allow?

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