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 Geothermal Advisory Services


One of RENU's goals is to help facilitate the installation of as much geothermal, renewable thermal and renewable technology as possible. Geothermal heat-pump systems are up to 4 times more efficient than conventional fuel burning systems, and can cut heating and cooling costs in half while dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions from homes and businesses.

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RENU's relationships with geothermal system installers, drillers, lenders, and local and regional stakeholders that are trying hard to reach greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals, make us a great first stop on your way to install non-fossil fuel burning technologies to heat, cool and generate hot water for your home .


RENU can help you (home owner, architect, developer) navigate through the process of learning about your options for installing a geothermal ground source heating and cooling system. RENU's process is outlined in the following steps:




Talk to the client to assess their goals and project needs. RENU will provide you with valuable information and insight from over 10 years of experience working in the geothermal industry.


RENU will collect important information about the home and property needed to perform a geothermal system installation assessment.

RENU's assessment will include: estimates or the required system size, possible geothermal loop locations, system options and accessories to consider. Operating cost comparisons with fossil fuel options and estimate GHG emission comparisons.

RENU will produce order of magnitude cost estimates based on the assessment findings. 


RENU will contact multiple experienced geothermal installation contractors, provide them with the project information and request quotations from the contractors.


RENU will evaluate the contractors bids and provide comments to advise and educate the client in order to help them make the best decision based on their needs.

In addition to the services above, RENU has International Ground Source Heatpump Association Accredited Geothermal Inspector Certifications and can provide installation inspections for a greater level of quality assurance.

RENU's Top Reasons to Promote Regional Efforts to Install Geothermal

1. Geothermal Systems are on average up to 400% efficient and in some cases much more. They can utilize solar energy generated by PV to operate and provide heating and very efficient cooling. In fact, the energy that geothermal uses is energy that the earth has absorbed from the sun.

2. Converting to geothermal helps contribute to regional efforts to shift fuels used for heating away from fossil fuels promoting beneficial electrification. Beneficial electrification is part of the personal and regional pathway to reduce GHG emissions by replacing fossil fuel burning with electric heating.

3. Installation of geothermal can reduce the need to expand natural gas mains, locally and regionally. Use of geothermal reduces the transportation of oil and propane through local neighborhoods. 

4. Geothermal can help improve local air quality in towns and cities. Geothermal doesn't burn any fuel in your house, and doesn't emit any gasses from your house.

5. Geothermal doesn't burn any fuel in your house or building, preventing any risk of accidents from carbon monoxide release, fires or explosions.

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Also, check out our resources page to link to other great sources of information on geothermal.

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