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Applying regional experience in the feasibility assessment and design of ground-source renewable thermal energy systems, RENU produces designs of systems that are sustainable, reduce operating costs, utilize the latest geothermal technologies and reduce or eliminate the need to heat buildings using fossil fuels. Teaming with the finest mechanical engineering firms, topic experts, scientists,  and installation contractors, RENU strives for excellence utilizing best practices in design and installations.


Clients Include:

The City of Cambridge, Cambridge MA

The City of New York

Castleton Environmental Services

Bright Power

Darien Public Library

Scranton Library


JAG Architects

Choice New York Management

Lions Group Developers

L&M Development Partners

Yale University

Dave Hermantin PE, CGD
Founder and Principal
Dave has been working on improving the environment for over 15 years. He holds a BS and ME in civil and environmental engineering from Manhattan College and is a licensed professional engineer in CT, NY, NJ and RI. With much of his focus initially spent on designing systems to remediate contaminated groundwater and soil his focus turned towards the sky, designing ground-source HVAC systems which are reducing Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. With years of experience designing open loop, closed loop and standing column well geothermal systems he has designed thousands of tons of geothermal capacity in New York, New England as well as other areas in the United States. After working for over 10 years with P.W. Grosser Consulting, and being their Senior Mechanical Engineer responsible for designing geothermal well systems on NYC landmark projects such as St. Patrick's Cathedral and Cornell Bloomberg Roosevelt Island, Dave decided to form RENU. RENU teams with some of the best mechanical engineering companies, mechanical system installers and well drillers in the region to bring this technology to residential and commercial buildings throughout the U.S. Dave is an American Energy Engineer (AEE)  Certified Geoexchange Designer (CGD), and an International Groundsource Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) certified geothermal system installation inspector (GI). He is the current President of the Connecticut Geothermal Heatpump Association, and previously held  a Chairman position of the Technology Committee of Yale's Renewable Thermal Alliance. 


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